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Doug Malkan, business manager, editor, investigative reporter, current web master. He's an avid backcountry skier, snowboarder, mountain biker and a child of the 70's. Doug is a CPA, has a degree in business administration and is an activist with the Green Party  and a founder of the Agnostic Church of Breckenridge . Doug has ambitions to overthrow the two party system, end the War on Drugs and bring back Disco. 


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Stacy Malkan, former managing editor of the Free Press. She can crack the whip without any hesitation, especially at 2 a.m. when we're still not done.

Stacy worked in Washington DC as Asst. Press Secretary for Ralph Nader, the Green Party's candidate for President in 2000. She presently is Communications Director for Health Care Without Harm in Washington DC.

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Ethan Harrisformer salesman, webmaster and ad designer from 1998 to 2000.  Here he thinks he's flying this small aircraft but it never leaves the ground, unlike his '84 Subaru. Ethan received small-time notoriety for his ski resort documentary entitled Ski Bummin' 96-97.



Kim Marquis, a past contributing writer. Kim broke several important stories, including catching a certain county commissioner, Bill, in an illegal meeting. Not a big fan of new golf courses in the wetlands, she fits in with the radicals at SFP. Kim has a "real" job now .

Mark Detsky

Mark Detsky. Not much is known about Mark, except that he's a nice boy who graduated from the University of Michigan. He currently wonders around Pearl St. story-telling with a hat to collect spare change. If he ever gets a law degree, Mark says he's suing Exxon in military court for crimes against humanity.


Mark is the inventor of the fabulously great Virtual News column.


Rerun, Rerun. Master of all sports, getter of all woman, answer to all questions. He is indeed an enigma - an ass,  yes -- an offender to many - yes,  yet he has nothing but love for all who seek his sage-ness. Rerun's keeping it real for all of us.

Send us your question for  Rerun  today and ask him your most troubling question -- maybe you'll find the answer you've been looking for.


J.E. Hans, the creator of Above It All - the original, purest and most accurate spoof of Summit County - and thus the mastermind behind Critter and Cook. It's hard to say who of these three is most demented. Hans can also play guitar and sing at the same time.

The Head

The Severed Head is revered by millions of fans, though for national security purposes it's identity must remain a mystery. In real life it is much too ugly to set eyes on and it don't smell too good either. Now with nothing to fear it spews the words we could only hope to have the courage to say. These days the Head rolls around in the gutters of Breckenridge, usually looking for a bar that  serves formaldehyde or at least has a two for one.


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