The crucifixion

of ullr


Ullr shown here is crucified at the cross, to the horror of some on the streets of Breckenridge that year. As is plainly visible to the trained eye, it was actually Mike's ass hanging out of his nun outfit, not Jim's as the president of the Breck Merchant's Association ran around saying when the Reverend ran for town council. Rev. Jim still won.  I don't know what that says about our town.


(left to right: crazy reverend guy, stacy the way wicked witch, rev. jim not exposing himself, kacey the pregnant nun - for real I swear, ullr rob, brother doug, the agnostic love doll, lisa who turned out to be nuts, mike who figured out a way to moon everyone while wearing a pregnant nun outfit, which he wears around the house.)


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Agnos tic \ag-nas-tik\ One who holds the view that any ultimate reality is unknown and probably unknowable.


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